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Detroit Delivers: Water and Sewerage Department

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

We're happy to announce that the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, which launched in July, has extended its service commitment to residents by becoming a SeeClickFix Connect partner. The department will now be responding to resident requests through an integration with Oracle's Work and Asset Management System (OWAM), the result of a collaboration between the city, HP, and SeeClickFix. 

This enhancement, made possible by our partners at See Click Fix and HP, represents a major step forward in enhancing our customer service standards and we intend to keep on delivering on this value by implementing additional service requests types through Detroit Delivers.
— Dan Rainey, Director of Information Technology Services, Water & Sewerage Department

We look forward to seeing more great work from the department, as the city moves toward a total roll-out of the Detroit Delivers app (to be complete in 2015). 

Adrian Fix It

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

We're excited to welcome our newest partner in the State of Michigan, Adrian! The city, which is home to approximately 21,000 residents, is launching its dedicated app Adrian Fix It to foster engagement and increase transparency. Residents can submit reports from an extensive list of service requests that includes abandoned bicycles, graffiti on public property, park maintenance, and potholes. 

We are excited to announce the launch of Adrian Fix It as an innovative way to empower residents to become engaged within the community by providing a user-friendly app that can be used to improve service delivery to citizens, enhance government responsiveness, and provide timely information regarding city services.
— Shane Horn, City Administrator

There are many fantastic initiatives happening in the city, such as a campaign to crowdfund a park that would connect a trail to downtown Adrian, and we look forward to helping enhance community life. Residents can submit reports from the iPhone and Android apps, the city's website, and

You can learn more about SeeClickFix here

The World Bank's Citizen Feedback Agenda

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

Last week, our colleague Tucker Severson helped co-organize a session with Integrity Action and Jean-Louis Sarbib from Development Gateway and Feedback labs as part of the World Bank/IMF annual meeting in Washington DC. Frederick Galtung wrote a recap of the discussion, which focused primarily on feedback agendas. You can read an excerpt below or find the full piece here

When Jim Yong Kim addressed the World Bank/IMF annual meeting in October 2013 he outlined a vision of “One Group and Two Goals.”[1] During his 2013 speech, Jim Kim highlighted three examples of indicators of improved performance by the World Bank that he would personally be following:

1. To reduce transaction times by a third from conception of a project to first disbursement of funds.

2. To become a better listener. For projects with clear beneficiaries, commit to get feedback from every single one of them, 100 percent (in 2012 the rate was 34 percent).

3. To add rich detail to its maps so that anyone will be able to go online, click on the maps, and immediately learn where the Bank is working and what it is doing.

If the 100% feedback agenda is implemented well we think it has the potential to mark a real step-change for international development assistance. It could be truly transformative.

No development agency has committed to such a vision before. Intuitively, it may seem like an obvious case to make and some may lament that it is long overdue. The more important question now is not to look backwards. The challenging question is to unpack what it means to do feedback well.

Here are two insights we want to share and challenge the World Bank to think about:

First, it needs a key performance indicator (KPI) to assessing whether the 100% percent agenda is delivering value and that is not just being treated as a box-ticking, compliance exercise (which would be easy to get away with). A powerful KPI the World Bank can use is the fix-rate, the rate at which problems are resolved to the satisfaction of the key stakeholders.[2] The Bank has recently published its Citizen Engagement Strategy which outlines a remarkably comprehensive strategy. They should be commended for the scope of their ambition. The fix-rate can be applied to most aspects of this strategy. The strategic framework paper for Citizen Engagement has not yet been published. It will be coming out shortly. But in the framework they distinguish between four kinds of engagement:

1. Complaints: User-identified problems

2. Monitoring: Users assess predefined performance goals

3. Suggestions: User-identified methods to improve service delivery

4. Satisfaction: Users assess quality of services provided

SCF Videos from Oklahoma City and More!

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

We love when our government partners put together inventive and informational videos to help spread the word about the SeeClickFix (or SeeClickFix powered) apps to residents! Take a look at some of our favorites from Oklahoma City; St. Petersburg, FL; and St. Charles, MO.