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"Fix It Danville" Launches

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

We're excited to welcome our newest partner from Virginia: Danville! The city, which is located about three hours away from Richmond (another government partner), is home to approximately 43,000 residents. "Fix It Danville" will make the following service requests available: 

  • Damaged curb
  • Damaged sidewalk
  • Dead animal pick-up
  • Graffiti
  • Overgrown grass/weeds
  • Potholes 
  • Unsafe/blighted buildings 
  • Signs - missing/damaged 

In a recent announcement about the launch, Inez Rodenburg, the city's director of information technology, spoke to the app's benefits: 

We are always exploring ways to make it easy and efficient for people to interact with city government. Fix It Danville allows all of our citizens to be the eyes and ears of the City. It provides a convenient and efficient way to report issues on the go, beyond traditional office hours.

Residents can submit reports from a widget on the city's website, the Android app, the iPhone app, and

To learn more, check out this video about the app from local news station, WDBJ7.

"Crowdsourcing a Better County"

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

We're delighted to welcome Howard County as our first government partner in Maryland! The county launched "Tell HoCo", its custom app, to residents this morning. Individuals can now submit reports about nonemergency issues around the community that will route directly to county staff. 

In a press release issued today, Executive Ken Ullman spoke of the app's benefits for residents and staff: 

Today, we are taking the step to make Howard County more responsive, more innovative, and more efficient, than ever before...We will be crowd-sourcing a better County.

The ‘Tell HoCo’ app is also a perfect internal management tool. Our public works department and recreation and parks staff have been using it for a couple of months to track their work and monitor their progress. This is eliminating paperwork, and making our crews more efficient.

A staff member from the village of Hickory Ridge, quoted in a Baltimore Sun article about the release, noted the app's ease of use and effectiveness:

Joan Lancos, a staff member for the village of Hickory Ridge, said she downloaded the app at the suggestion of Council member Mary Kay Sigaty, a friend of hers. Though she said she’s not ‘particularly tech savvy,’ she used it a few weeks ago to report a fallen sign.

’Two days later, the sign was fixed,’ she said. ‘It was that easy.’

To learn more about "Tell HoCo" (and to watch Executive Ullman help fill a pothole!), check out the video from the press conference. 

Howard County residents can submit reports from the iPhone app, Android app, Howard County's website, and

You can learn more about SeeClickFix here

Improving Quality-of-Life in Union Square, SF

Zack Beatty

Union Square BID Assist: iOS app

Union Square BID Assist: iOS app

Good news, San Francisco: now you can report non-emergency quality-of-life issues in Union Square from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, thanks to our new partnership with the Union Square Business Improvement District. Powered by the open SeeClickFix platform, the new Union Square BID Assist program allows you to report issues such as:

  • Vandalism
  • Graffiti
  • Safety Concern
  • Noise Complaint
  • Bicycle Code Violation
  • Trespassing / Loitering
  • Aggressive Panhandling
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Street Light Out
  • Trash
  • and more...

Union Square residents, commuters, employees, students, and visitors alike are encouraged to get involved. To report an issue, download the iOS or Android mobile application, or use the interactive map-based reporting form at

Union Square BID Assist: web-based report form

Union Square BID Assist: web-based report form

In addition to our geo-dynamic communication channels and notification services, Union Square BID staff are using SeeClickFix to manage their internal workflow. BID ambassadors and work crews are using our "field app" to document the numerous services performed and problems solved on a daily basis, while BID management are using our reporting and analytics tools to track the big picture. In the future, we hope to share some deeper insight and data on this exciting use case.

SeeClickFix for Safe Routes to School

Zack Beatty

Mobile app

Mobile app

We are pleased to announce that SeeClickFix is the technology platform powering the Miami Safe Routes Clearinghouse, a pilot project of 501 (c)(3) non-profit Urban Health Partnerships, Inc. Approved by the Miami-Dade County Public School Board in 2013, the program is now being tested in the cities of Hialeah, Miami Gardens, and Miami, as well as unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County.

In addition to branded versions of our iPhone and Android applications, Miami Safe Routes Clearinghouse is using embeddable SeeClickFix website components. The map widget allows issues to be reported from a desktop computer, with the convenience of automatic address lookup:

Map widget: Report an Issue  

Map widget: Report an Issue


The Miami Safe Routes Clearinghouse platform was created with our students’ safety in mind. With the Miami Safe Routes Clearinghouse application, all concerned citizens can easily report and monitor issues surrounding PreK-12 Miami Dade Public Schools. By alerting departments with findings through this innovative program, it allows all necessary improvements to follow in a more active and coordinated form.
— Urban Health Partnerships, Inc.

In keeping with our platform-wide commitment to transpancy, the website widget also allows you to browse and search for existing reports and service requests, all via in an interactive map view:

Map widget: Browse Issues

Map widget: Browse Issues

We look forward to sharing deeper insight and data analysis as the pilot continues. For more information on this ambitious project, have a look at their slide deck below, or visit

Welcome St. Petersburg, FL

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez

St. Petersburg, FL, a city with a population of approximately 249,000 residents, recently launched with SeeClickFix. The Mayor's Action Center manages all incoming requests, which range from alley maintenance issues to streetlight repairs, and corresponds with residents when they comment on reports. Residents can submit reports on the SeeClickFix website and from the SCF app for Android or iPhone

The amount of communication taking place between city staff and residents is truly remarkable and stands as a testament to the city's commitment to transparency and accessibility. There are numerous examples of positive and productive discussion taking place. We've highlighted some noteworthy conversations below: 

  • "Other" 
    • Darby: "We saw St. Pete sanitation at the property and they did a nice job of cleaning up the brush in the front yard. There is still trash and overgrowth visible from the front of the property; what happens next? 
    • Mayor's Action Center: "Update: Sanitation still has work to do at this location - here's the message I received from them in response to your post: 'Sanitation's Lot Clearing crew expects to have it all cleared up and hauled away today. Their supervisor said the occupant was a hoarder and there was a tremendous amount of stuff to dispose off [sic] before the mowing could be done.' I hope this explanation is helpful - thanks for the follow-up. David, M.A.C"
    • Darby: "I want to thank you and the sanitation department of St. Pete. It does appear that the exterior clean up was completed today, and what a difference. Thank you for improving the neighborhood!" 
  • "City Park Maintenance"
    • Mayor's Action Center: "Thank you for submitting this request - we will have an inspector check out the location and follow-up with the appropriate department to determine if the previous work request is still active and in queue for completion, or if a new request needs to be entered. Either way, we can't have one side of the street looking like a hot mess. We're on it. Thank! David, Mayor's Action Center"
    • Scuba: "You're awesome...thank you!!" 
    • Mayor's Action Center: "Update: due to an interesting quirk of City maintenance procedures, it turns out that our Parks Department maintains the west side of 43rd, but our Stormwater folks maintain the east side. Why? Not sure. Perhaps some ancient feud between two long forgotten neighboring Pinellas tribes. At any rate, from your description it would seem that Parks has a different mowing schedule - I'm checking with Stormwater to see if I can find out a ballpark estimate on when the east side might be address. I'll post any updates here. Thanks again!" 
    • Mayor's Action Center: "Good news, Scuba - just got a call from Stormwater and was told that their crew was able to take care of the east side of 43rd St today. Please feel free to report any other future issues to us on this site, we appreciate your help - have a good evening!
  • "Other"
    • Mayor's Action Center: Thank you for your suggestion. The photo of the location doesn't appear to match the 6th St. N address - it does look like it could be part of an interstate overpass, in which case it might be up to the FDOT to maintain or 'enhance' the location with art. Public art installations are something that the City does encourage when and where they are possible - for more information about the City's public art, feel free to visit this link or contact the Office of Cultural Affairs at 727-551-3250.
    • Davidvega: "Great answer, thanks for the thorough response. It gives me confidence good people are working behind the scenes.
  • "Alley Maintenance"
    • Scuba: "There is nothing wrong with this alley. It's beautiful compared to what else is out there. Looks great if you ask me..."
    • Alex: "There are large areas of wash out (just outside the left frame of the image), along with additional issues. The City representative has acknowledged that this alley needs repairs." 
    • Mayor's Action Center: "Good Friday morning, folks! Thanks for the comments - SeeClickFix is a great way for citizens to interact with us at the City, but also a way for neighbors to engage with each other, so we appreciate your participation. There will certainly be times when a reported issue might be interpreted differently, like when I think my lawn isn't all that high but my neighbors think it's an out-of-control wilderness :) As far as city services go, we do our best to address each issue - sometimes they aren't quite ready for attention, but other times we do need to initiate a work request. In this particular, a request to add some fill material to the depressions in the alley has been made to the Public Works department - just know that they are running a backlog of requests that is at least 2 months long, so it will ultimately be addressed, but maybe not as quickly as folks would like. We're doing our best, and appreciate your comments, questions, and feedback - post anytime. Thanks and have a great weekend! David, M.A.C." 
The alley discussed in the comments above. 

The alley discussed in the comments above. 

We look forward to seeing more great work from St. Petersburg staff and residents! Be sure to check out the fantastic promo the city put together for the SCF launch.