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A warm welcome to Portsmouth, NH!

Caroline Smith


We're excited to welcome the city of Portsmouth, our newest partner in New Hampshire! Portsmouth, a seacoast city with distinguished businesses and an admired history, will be using SeeClickFix to better service its residents and visiting tourists. We are proud to be working together.

The Portsmouth Department of Public Works integrated SeeClickFix with their VueWorks work order system. The City will be using SeeClickFix internally  to report and address issues.

To learn more about SeeClickFix, head to

Welcome Virginia Beach, VA!

Caroline Smith

We are thrilled to announce the launch of SeeClickFix in America's favorite family beach destination - Virginia Beach, VA!

It should come as no surprise that the city is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world. After all, it's a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants for its 448,479 local residents along its gorgeous oceanfront.

The new application, called "VB Works", will allow citizens, residents, and visitors to report problems such as potholes, graffiti, drainage, and flooding  quickly and easily via web tools and mobile apps. These reports are then forwarded directly to departments throughout the city with all the information needed to get the job done.

Furthermore, the platform offers a centralized and integrated management system, whereby city officials can communicate with citizens, track issues, and monitor success. This unified and citizen-connected platform will increase both the quality and efficiency of service throughout Virginia Beach.

Here is a quote from the City's Chief Information Officer, Matt Arvay, from a press release:

An increasing number of residents are using mobile devices to access city services. In one year alone, we saw mobile traffic surge by 27,000 visits on These two new apps open a new door for citizens to connect with their government in a format that is truly intended for mobile platform.
— Chief Information Officer, Matt Arvay

The VB Works app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to the city using the widget on the city's website and

We look forward to working with the city and residents to promote openness, engagement, and accessibility! To learn more about SeeClickFix, head to

Announcing The SeeClickFix Fellowship Program: Round 3. Apply Now.

Ben Berkowitz

Connecticut Innovations and CTNEXT, two quasi-public entities in the State, requested proposals for ideas on growing the entrepreneurial community in Connecticut. We were immediately intrigued and submitted a proposal that would help SeeClickFix grow while also helping to create new businesses in New Haven. The proposal was generated on the premise that there were key factors that helped SCF go from idea to start-up and that we could replicate those factors for others looking to launch businesses.

Last year we helped four entrepreneurs grow their ideas. You can learn more about those entrepreneurs here and here. 

We are looking for two more entrepreneurs to start working with us at SCF starting as soon as February 1. You can apply by emailing or tweeting your project @benberkowitz

Here are the environmental factors we are looking to create for our entrepreneurial candidates:

  • Access to software technical know-how.
  • Access to business technical know-how.
  • Access to startup technical know-how.
  • A very short timeline with a concise cut off point.
  • A low stress workday that allows for high energy night and weekend commitments to your own project.

So, here's what we are looking for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs with a business that they have already started working on but to which they do not yet have a full commitment. 
  • Someone who's willing to work nights and weekends on their start up for the next 6 months.
  • Someone who's looking to learn about operating a start up through osmosis.
  • Awesome and feasible businesses ideas that will help grow New Haven's economy.
  • Software and web-based businesses are preferred, as we think that's where we will find the best fit…but we won't rule out others.


What we're providing:

  • A 30-hour/week paid position at SeeClickFix for 6 months
    • that will help you pay your electric bill and eat your ramen noodles
    • and that will not be physically or mentally draining
    • so that you can work on starting your business outside of the 30 hours
    • and gain a ton of experience and make connections with a company that has been through it all before you are kicked out to the curb to launch your thing 

Here's how to start: pitch your idea in a tweet to @benberkowitz with #ctnext #scfellowship ASAP.  You can also email We can start hiring folks in as soon as two weeks and would prefer to do so. Hint: being nimble and willing to drop your past life at the drop of a hat is part of the requirement hurdle (also, not being scared to share your idea on the internetz is a part of the test as well). 

You can read the press release here.

Welcome Portland, Maine!

Caroline Smith

We're excited to announce Portland as our first official municipal partner in Maine!

With a thriving population of 66,318, Portland is the largest city in the state of Maine. The city streets are alive with its rich tech, arts, and foodie scene. Home to a dedicated and vibrant local community, city residents have been strong SeeClickFix users for a long time. This kind of sustained engagement had made Portland nationally known as a city that attracts residents of all ages, ranked among the "Best Cities for Families", "Top Cities for Empty Nesters", and "America's Best Cities for Hipsters".

Portland's new app, called "Fix It! Portland.", will afford citizens, residents, and visitors the ability to report problems such as potholes, graffiti, street lighting, and snow clearing easily through web tools and mobile apps. Then, these reports will be forwarded directly to departments throughout the city that will utilize the valuable information to fix the issue.

In addition, the platform is a centralized and integrated management system, where city officials will be able to communicate directly with citizens, while tracking these issues and monitoring their progress. By harnessing this unified and citizen-connected platform, Portland will increase both the quality and efficiency of service throughout the city. 

Check out the city’s video about Fix it! Portland.

Check out the city’s video about Fix it! Portland.

The Fix It! Portland. app is available for download on Android and iPhone. In addition to the mobile apps, residents can send reports to the city using the widget on Portland's website and

We are excited to work with Portland and residents to promote openness, engagement, and accessibility!

To learn more about SeeClickFix:

Utah Department of Transportation Launches Click ‘N Fix to Utah Residents!

Julie Ramaccia

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) internally launched Click 'N Fix in late 2014. Now, they are asking Utahns to help the Department of Transportation identify more issues on the nearly 6,000 miles of Utah highways.

Becky Parker, Communications System Administrator for UDOT, notes the immediate impact of this exciting new resident service:

"We do get a fair number of calls and email submissions, but this takes it to a different level. They are able to report that through their mobile device and they won't have to try to find our phone number on our website."

Residents and employees can report a host of issues commonly seen on highways:

  • Animal Carcass
  • Camera Outage
  • Interstate Lighting
  • Pothole
  • Ramp Meters
  • And More!

We have seen some great press in conjunction with this launch - including a detailed video demonstration of how to report a road issue, a Fox news story, an article in the Desert News, an article in the Salt Lake Tribune and a press release.

Residents can download the Click 'N Fix app on iPhone and Android. They can also report any issues on UDOT's website